We produce and sell North Atlantic Fish species to processors and importers all over the world. 













 Example of products:

Fresh and frozen with air freight or sea freight.

Cod, Salmon, Haddock, Arctic Char, Redfish,

Mackerel, Cod backbones, Minch, Roes, Cheeks,

Loins, Tongues, Milt, Frames, Interleaved,

Headed and gutted, PBI, Plaice, Catfish, Saithe and many more.. 
















Fresh or frozen

Our speciality is delivering finished, high quality seafood such as loins, fillets e.g.

and by-products from all available species from the North Atlantic sea.

We are of course MSC certified. If you have some special order for production, please contact us. 


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Arctic Ocean Seafood

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